Investment Strategies


We have a value-driven approach to credit investing. 

Our platform provides a range of synergistic credit strategies tailored to meet each investor’s risk and return objectives across direct lending, alternative credit and other bespoke credit strategies.


Direct Lending Strategy

  • Senior secured loans to middle market, sponsor-backed portfolio companies

  • Unique sourcing strategy

  • First and second lien loans

  • Buy and hold strategy

  • Differentiated portfolio construction


Contingent Credit Strategy

  • Short-term strategy for private equity sponsors and investment banks in syndicated underwritten transactions and credit protection for vendors

  • Attractive risk-adjusted returns with low correlation to broader markets

  • Asset light strategy with short term commitment

  • Innovative financing strategies not frequently trafficked by peers


Credit Opportunity  Strategy

  • Flexible strategy across a broad range of bespoke credit strategies

  • Leverages the entire Evolution team and credit platform capabilities

  • Takes advantage of complex and difficult to source situations often overlooked by the traditional credit investor base

  • Ability to provide clients with unique opportunities through separately managed accounts and direct co-investment programs