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Provides non-cancelable receivables protection to a single buyer, who initiates the program, for credit events such as Bankruptcy and Failure to Pay.

Trade Credit Protection "TCP"

Non-cancellable protection against Bankruptcy and Failure to Pay (slow pay)

Monthly credit limits can be customized to allow for seasonality

Programs can have a future start date to allow for better forecasting

Claim payments as quickly as 30 days

No reporting requirements

Work In Progress protection for the cost of goods prior to shipment

What Sets Us Apart

Benefits to Suppliers, Buyers, and Financial Institutions

Offers suppliers an alternative when credit insurers or factors deem a buyer to be “high risk”

TCP allows suppliers to trade safely with buyers on open terms

Enables suppliers to increase sales

Suppliers can leverage Evolution's TCP to borrow against Accounts Receivable





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Non-Cancellable Trade Credit Protection Contract

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Evolution Purchases Receivable Claim

A buyer agrees to purchase goods from a supplier. The supplier sends goods and invoices to the buyer.



The supplier contracts with Evolution to protect receivables from Bankruptcy and Failure to Pay (slow pay).

Benefits to supplier and buyer:

  • Payment for the supplier in case of default

  • Ensures uninterrupted supply of goods for the buyer

In the event of a Bankruptcy or Failure to Pay, Evolution purchases the buyer's invoices at a predetermined rate.


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