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Working Capital Finance

We provide short-term financing solutions for companies that are not sufficiently supported by traditional credit providers such as banks and insurance companies.

Investment Solutions

Supply Chain Financing

Trade Credit Protection

Accounts Receivables Financing

What Sets Us Apart

Dedicated resources and investments for Working Capital Finance

Robust and efficient sourcing, underwriting, structuring, and settlement process

Seamless operational infrastructure from investment through funding with streamlined back-office process and solutions

Ability to quickly onboard clients

Built out infrastructure for an operationally intensive asset class with large barriers to entry

Ability to combine solutions with our Leverage Finance solutions

The philosophy behind our Working Capital Finance solutions is to be an essential provider of short-term capital to corporates globally that allows for increased flexibility and operational stability with an investment profile that is not corelated to the traditional credit asset class.

Investment Solutions

Supply Chain Financing

Accounts Receivable Financing

Inventory Financing

Trade Credit Protection

Other specialty financing needs

Recent Transactions

$10 Million ARF Facility


Metals Manufacturer

Benefit to Company:

Collateral monetization, for which the company was not getting any credit through existing loan facilities

$40 Million TCP Program


Specialty Retailer

Benefit to Company:

Company was not granted credit terms by its vendors as it emerged out of bankruptcy. In collaboration with the company, Evolution offered TCP to its vendors which led to improved terms for the company and a better vendor-client relationship

$70 Million SCF Facility


Aftermarket Auto Parts Manufacturer

Benefit to Company:

Reduction of cash conversion cycle by extending company's payables to 180 days

$40 Million ARF Facility


Outpatient Healthcare Provider

Benefit to Company:

Improved predictability of working capital profile

$40 Million SCF Program


Processor in the agricultural industry

Benefit to Company:

Company has substantial capital expenditures and uses the SCF facility to finance increased procurement in support of its new manufacturing facilities

$20 Million SCF Program


Label Manufacturer

Benefit to Company:

SCF offered an off-balance sheet solution which sits outside the company's existing senior credit facilities

By The Numbers


Active financing programs


TCP transactions since inception




Account debtors

$4 Billion

TCP request for quote volume

$700 Million

TCP notional volume

Industry Affiliations

Global Trade Review logo
FCI Logo
ICTF logo

Our Capabilites

Focus on sub-investment grade rated or non-rated companies

Ability to provide single asset-based financing; portfolio-based approach not required

Facilities of up to $70 Million

Broad range of industries

Global geographic focus

Flexible currencies

Fast payments

Smooth communication through a proprietary platform

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